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Festive firecrackers yutu qingyi huatian power came to the dragon

      Time flies, senility, with the approach of the New Year bell, we have hope in 2012, on this SuiXu alternate, new, the huatian power all staff to the social from all walks of life friends express the New Year's greetings and best wishes.

      2011 is the rapid development of the important huatian power a year, a year's hard work, let us in huatian grand blueprint for electric power development and added a heavy variety.

      Look back 2011 years, in the face of the fierce competition in the electric power equipment industry, we constantly improve the enterprise system, strengthen management, increase the independent product research and development of innovation, speed up the international cooperation and international market development of the pace, improve service ability, glue gun let huatian power equipment out of the country, to go into the international market, our products are sold to the Netherlands in 2011, Iraq, Kuwait, the United States, Russia, Iran, Mongolia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Japan, Turkey, Australia and other countries, obtained the general overseas customer high praise, for power in the international market in the future huatian more big development laid a foundation.

      In domestic market, huatian power annual gain fruitful results. Domestic performance throughout the year 80% increase over 2010, 2011 years earlier than scheduled sales goals and tasks overfulfilled 20% throughout the year. Annual sales of more than 5600 instruments of (a). ZhunDianLv 97% annual delivery; Annual instrument factory three months less than 1% failure rate.

      In 2011, the accomplishments of research and development team. To coordinate company international market development, the company will be based on the original market, according to the requirements for the state standards, upgrade American standards. At the same time, battery clip the company for new research and development tasks early also successfully completed, new research out of the three leading domestic products. For the company's sustainable development to lay a solid foundation.

      In 2011, more perfect after-sales service huatian power. Annual commissioning installation on a business trip to more than 730 people, and the basic where customers are need to realize, where to have our after-sales service. After-sales service ZhunDianLv for 99%, basically customer requirements when do they arrive, no transportation delay in the case, our service personnel are on time customer designated location.

      Results hard-won, we feel more cherish. The years have yielded substantial results, cannot leave the company leadership of effort, inseparable from all departments of, my colleagues to work hard. Huatian power my colleagues, especially to travel on business year of a line workers, unity, is diligently enterprising, the power of the most sincere huatian services to all our customers.

      Festive firecrackers send moon,, huatian power to meet jinlong! New Year bell inspiring, huatian power believe, hot glue gun have excellent management way do guidance, have the social from all walks of life friend's care support, have the wisdom of all the staff huatian power and diligence, we move to a brilliant every step will go more solid, huatian power tomorrow will be better.







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