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Samsung electric: watt-hour meter industry leader

      Ningbo samsung electric Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as samsung electrical), mainly engaged in electric power measurement and information collection products, power distribution equipment research and development, production and sales, including electricity measurement and information collection products mainly include intelligent electric energy meter, common electronic watt-hour meter, inductive watt-hour meter, power supply management and intelligent terminal system products, power distribution equipment mainly includes the amorphous alloy transformer, oil-immersed transformer, dry type transformer, compact substations and switchgear.
      The company currently has national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, national level 2 safe quality standardization in mechanical manufacturing enterprise, ningbo 2010 patent demonstration enterprise and so on the title, glue gun and in 2010 the national power grid companies on intelligent watt-hour meter scale the first rank in the bid for the purchase, according to the number of the computing market share of 10.66%, and ranked second manufacturer of less than 8% market share, samsung electrical market leading obvious advantages, and in distribution transformer business, samsung electrical wholly owned subsidiaries ningbo hi-tech Co., LTD in the mainland extension is among the best of candidates, among the first four.
      Strong comprehensive competitive advantage
      To have such an achievement, with samsung electrical comprehensive natural competitive advantage is not divided, first worth mentioning is the core technology advantage. As a high and new technology enterprise, has been committed to the independent innovation and technology development, in the earlier established outdoor simulation laboratory, emc lab operation and carrier performance test lab, the three big laboratory.
      The company has access to a number of patents and technical achievements, by December 31, 2010, the company had 86 patents. In August 2008, the company "SG10-R (dry type transformer core project" won the national science and technology department torch high technology industrial development center to issue of national torch project acceptance certificate; In May 2010, the company "SX129PTU-DW2 with variable monitoring electricity measurement terminal" battery clip is listed as national key new product plans, the company "DTSD188 three-phase four-wire type electronic multi-function watt-hour meter project", "S (B) H15-M-30 ~ 500/10 three-phase amorphous alloy transformer core distribution project" is listed as national torch plan projects. At the same time, the company also participated in the national standards and trade standards, and served as the instruments industry association, vice chairman of the electric instrument unit, China high-tech enterprise expert committee of the unit.
    The production, samsung electrical have on FIS system for the domestic leading, with independent intellectual property rights hot glue gun of the used for electrical meter production and quality control of the intelligent management system, have order tracking, technology import node, data information collection, process quality control, history data back, and other functions, may realize the annual operation and company watt-hour meter products online production process process monitoring, help to rapidly improve the company production of each section of response speed and efficiency of production, and the company has large-scale production of rapid organization ability and the stable product quality control ability.
      At the same time, the company also is the one of the operation at all highly intelligent, and covers seven main body of intelligent watt-hour meter automatic production process, the automatic production line will be the company independent development of on FIS system embedded its management scheduling system, and realize the unmanned operation software automatically school table, automatic Settings, automatic inspection, automatic regulation plan etc. Function. The company applies on FIS system and automatic production line for the company further exert the market competition and industrial scale, the lower production costs, fast response to customer needs to create a good conditions.
In the practice of internal strength and at the same time, samsung electrical also actively explore the market, establish a faces the domestic 31 provinces, the city, the autonomous region of marketing and after-sale service network, has more than 200 sales and after-sales service, is the market marketing and after-sale service network is the most extensive and most competitive one of the manufacturers. A sound marketing network for service efficiency, improve the market information to customers and market development of great advantage, and perfect after-sale service network to ensure pre-sale, sale and after-sale service of the timeliness and consistency, enhance the company's rapid response ability, to ensure that the problems solved successfully in time, improve customer satisfaction.









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