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For the power supply "electrification" beautiful new rural areas

      "This year the voltage stability, I installed the air conditioning, summer is not hot in winter, the cold wind, a warm wind, cold, the day is very comfortable." This is QinNan tianchang city in anhui province town celebrate village to the author of the ZhengWeiYin said said.

      The city's most celebrated in the east village, is a remote village, cultivated land area of 3652 mu, farmers 649, and the population of 2428. The original distribution transformers 3 sets, capacity of 300 kva. glue gun With the fast development of the economy of the whole village, farmers' living, living conditions and life habits improve a lot, power consumption greatly increased. And the original area distribution transformer capacity small, thin wires, power supply large radius, limiting the growth of the load, the quality of voltage is not guaranteed.

      In the electrification construction, the city's power supply company actively promote rural applicable technology, take into account the advanced nature, economy and the principle of practicality, stick with the new technology, new equipment, new material and new technology, to ensure that new rural electrification construction and appropriate leading to the local economic development level of overall requirements. Efforts to concentrate, the village of three area, the reform of new 3 transformer, make six of the total capacity transformer area reached 680 kva. At the same time, reform, 0.4 3.9 km lines, the next door line 162 subscribers, battery clip up to 4.05 kilometers. Because the power supply quality improvement, not only satisfies the village life electricity demand, it also promoted the development of industry, the village are the production of TV GaoYaBao and the remote control two products separately accounts for the maintenance of more than 80% of the market.

      After years of new rural electrification county (city), hot glue gun town, and village construction, make eight electrification tianchang city town and 104 electrification village to (B) kinds of standards, 220000 farmers live a "electrification" new life.








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