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Robust financial seeks the chief far

      Will the past 2011 years, funds industry was not calm, executives change, the brain drain, fund sales under siege, investment "black swan" events such as frequent, without exception, cause the market attention.

      December 8,, the day hong fund release company shareholding modification announcement, lasted nearly a year of equity change came to an earlier, day fund also ushered in the hong GuoShuJiang new general manager. This was established in 2004, has been less subject to market focus of small fund company, because of its ownership and the change of market is general manager had attention. GuoShuJiang after general manager office day hong funds, the company established "robust financial, trustworthy" business philosophy. Now, days in investment performance, hong fund market sales, the company's brand, and many other aspects of the show positive changes, has won the market high praise.

      Practice sound financial management

      The second half of this year stock market crash down, bond market downturn, all kinds of fund performance is acceptable, experience the reform day hong fund has sprung up, and all kinds of funds have excellent performance.

      The morning star data show that by the end of December 2,, day hong selected recent 1 month, for the last 6 months in 90 the rate of return on a similar funds are ranked first; Day hong cycle strategy fund for the last 6 months is the rate of return on a similar fund only 357 ranked 23 rd. According to the WIND data, by December 2,, the second half day hong achieved a 1.99% selected is profits, all rights and interests kind funds listed fourth place, while the Shanghai composite index fell more than 14%.

      About day hong's selection of best day hong fund stock TouZiBu general manager, day hong selected funds manager in the third quarter ZhouKeYan fund report said: "namely reasonable control positions, and always maintain the lower level to cope with market position of short-term volatility in the stock selection,, pay more attention to the uncertainty of the growth of the listed company, to consumer products of industry growth sure."

      Day hong fund fixed income ChenGang director from China life, and asked why choose to join day hong fund, ChenGang says: "determined to let me join day hong fund is total responsibility for the interpretation of the kuo. Financial industry income is higher, have a responsibility to help more people to earn money, they truly benefits, public offering is just such a fund for the general common people in financial tools."

      It is reported, current day hong glue gun for research of fund system of 25 people, most of personnel from brokers, insurance, funds and other investment institutions, core investment personnel employed an average of eight years, the investment experience. Out of the risk prevention consideration, day hong fund established risk control department, original set up based on the risk of fundamental analysis, a researcher at the post, this is in the industry a lift, which means that based on the fundamentals of in-depth research through, research the listed company and industry, writing risk research report, for the fund manager to choose.

      At the same time, day hong fund pays attention to risk control robust financial management idea has been produce certain effect, in the outbreak of the fund in frequency mine incident, all did not appear day hong fund figure. On the other hand, December 9,, day three of the quarterly reports show selected hong before 10 big heavy warehouse shares are seven only in the fourth quarter, in inverse go strong, among them, denghai seed industry, SongCheng shares and Oriental electrical or were 23.38%, 12.34% and 10.32%, reveal a good stock selection and risk control ability.

      Market marketing and brand construction has revealed

      The flow of talent early experience, battery clip the chief of the market ZhouXiaoMing board, after introducing talents and to optimize the day after tomorrow hong fund market a strong sales team. According to day hong fund internal personage introduction, day hong fund market sales team although has undergone some changes, but the core core all remain, and become a leader in all departments, the current market team toll to 31 people, each department of the person in charge of the average working fixed number of year to achieve in 8 years.

      The market for sales smoothly, in the years of the day hong termbray A four times the business of open, before 3 times in A day realized respectively 645 million yuan, 717 million yuan and 726 million yuan of sales, finally are proportional placement, be years of not decline sell like hot cakes fund. Along with the change of market environment and bank financial product yield, the rise of the day hong termbray A in its December 2, years in the fourth time although appeared open net redeemed, compared with the same period in the open but rich day full A and termbray A nearly 50% of net redemption rate, day hong termbray A day is to sell 341 million yuan, ultimately redemptive about 30% of the net good results.

      For funds issue, day GuoShuJiang hot glue gun had general manager hong fund said: "in the issue of stage, will reflect the professional ability, as far as possible each step do just a little bit more, to provide better returns, lower risk". Follow the principles, a day after the fund management hong adjustment, the new management team is in no hurry to pursue multiple products, but hold to existing products, the products suitable for the market need to issue a positive mental attitude of the pushed forward. For example, day FengLi hong grading the issuance of a bond fund in the market to analyze, timing, channel strategy, sales organization and so on has obtained the good effect. According to day hong fund announcement, day hong FengLi grading bond fund raise for 1.668 billion yuan first scale, the figure is not only far better the same scale fund company new hair funds, also a new fund to issue more than years on average 1.3 billion multivariate first offering scale. In the fund to issue the competition intense, funds issue extension and pocket fund frequency is now, day hong fund new team since the establishment of the first issue is only fund has achieved great success. Due to the fund established at low bond market, fund investment operation and its future earnings is expected to be worth to expect.

      In the near future, the day the good news of the fund hong constantly, day hong cycle strategy fund and day hong wynn bond fund the galaxy securities five-star rating, the 7 th securities daily China securities market annual meeting, the day hong fund get "gold abacus award", eastern wealth nets awarded day hong fund the most innovative fund company award, etc.





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