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Van blow cable residents without nets repair busy

At 5 yesterday about 30 points, fengtai district DongGaoDe nanyuan road interchange, with approximately 4 meters high, more than 10 root cable is the wind tore, a power line from the roots broken. Witnesses say the accident is a car ultra-high van act, but after the incident van then left the scene.
It is reported, the wind tore cables affected nearby units and residents communication equipment normal usage. By last night when xu, four37-metre may still in repair, cable repair researchers said this morning to restore the normal use of cable.
Yesterday morning, fengtai district 11 when xu DongGaoDe nanyuan road junction with the southwest corner of, a bundle of more than 10 root of wire end tied to a root already tilted pole, the other side is flopsy on the ground. Repair crews tilt at the top of the utility poles, wire bundle maintenance.
Because the wind tore booster cable have telecom, tietong, telecom, multiple lines, so accident caused a nearby residents and unit network interruption, still make some residents communication obstructed. Witnesses say, already 3 related communications equipment maintenance personnel to the scene of his company's line maintenance. Telecom company staff expressed, due to cable was near, has caused the wind tore and garden district residents of broadband interrupt, expected in about thousands of residents. By last night when xu, four37-metre cable may still not to repair.







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