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Cable atabreak-in frequent village one

Yesterday, in urban people abundant two village, south lake power supply sub-bureau red boat service staff, told reporters, yad downtown some old district often occured, resulting in village resident cable burglaries home again without electricity, not only caused certain economic losses, the more affected residents normal life.
Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to people abundant two village 223 house downstairs, found five red boat service team are stepping up repair lines. Residents downstairs, a section of the thumb is thick black than on the ground, and cable flopsy connect the building of the head has meter switch pulled down, several households are gathered in outdoor waiting to restore power.
The red ship repair service unit captain ZhuHongChun introduced that the stolen cable 50 meters, value of more than 2,000 yuan, the whole corridor 12 households "be de-lighted". Burglary member often aiming some security measures relatively loose the old district laid a hand on him, with carry scissors, pliers, booster cable  tools such as cutting, taken away. "On October 29 and on November 3, woollen saemaul twice cable stolen, today this is a few days for the first 3 case." ZhuHongChun said, 3 times of stolen cable length over 120 meters. Because every time repair spend half a day, so on the residents' daily life caused a moretremendous influence.






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