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Our electrical wire and cable industry situation and development Suggestions

At present, our country has leapt to the world largest cable manufacturing countries wires and cables, is the world's fastest growing consumption per capita, but cable consumption level is about one-fifth of the developed countries. Future cable market demand is still a big growth space. In the next few years, intelligent power grid, nuclear power, railway, airport, architecture, home electrical appliances industry vigorous development, wire and cable products demand is growing fast.
At present, our country electric wire and booster cable industry situation is not optimistic, industry total surplus, structural contradiction, high-end products supply, product quality the good and bad are intermingled, input and output, low technology innovation ability relative such problems have become increasingly prominent, the healthy development of electric wire &cable profession caused very big effect. Therefore, the profession association suggested one is should strengthen industrial planning and policy guidance, to focus on mind and use well at all levels of the government investment, to prevent redundant construction. 2 it is competent departments should strengthen the supervision and supervision and inspection dynamics, regulating the order of market competition, purify market environment. Three is to increase the important raw materials for high-end cable developed research. 4 it is to implement the first sets policy preferential encouraging policies to gradually improve the corresponding loss compensation and risk-sharing mechanism.






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