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Price authentication division exam: the price appraisal of stolen cable

Cable is divided into power cables and communication cable, its main material for copper. After years of soaring prices for copper cable become outlaws of theft goals. How to stolen cable scientific, objective price appraisal, cooperate with the public security organs to fight crime, I think the key point is to do the following:
A, strict entrust program
1, price appraisal aim must be clear. For stolen cable charges can be divided into stealing and destroy the sin (sabotage power facilities sin or destroy public telecommunications facility sin). Destruction of cable charges under prices should be is restorable generated by the repair, replacement cost of raw materials, GongShiFei and state regulations of various fees (tax), stealing the definition of DaoGe line itself is only calculated by the price. Therefore, the consignor shall be clearly in the power of attorney case charges and appraisal purpose.
2, entrust content must be clearer. The cable specification, type, origin, varieties (TongXin, aluminum core; shielding wire, silica gel line, heat-resistant cable, insulated cables, PVC sheathed power cable), purchase installation and use fixed number of year to wait in filling out detailed.
3, through to be precise. In recent years, the main material price influence cable copper, aluminium prices by domestic and international market influence changes to a larger extent, so he asked consignor in determining when to through as exactly as possible.
Second, serious market survey
In recent years, the cable is larger, the market price changes in when appraisal must be reasonable and affirmatory. In the identification of practice, we usually through original manufacturers, distributors, use the unit investigation consultation, or network (reference) offer comprehensive analysis, the conclusion to the market no longer manufacture varieties by reference to the similar product market median price calculation, generally should choose three more comparable price, in order to ensure that the price appraisal conclusion of objective, realistic.
Third, reasonably determine the appraisal price
The price of theft booster cable identification, are usually based on the calculation of the value of depreciation method, according to the state regulations of equipment depreciation and the shandong price authentication operation norm "regulation: the post and telecommunication lines of economic life for 10 years, but in practice, pure with fixed number of year depreciation method is not appropriate. Due to cable raw material in copper in proportion of the larger, the price is higher, if press fixed number of year depreciation method computation, sometimes appraisal prices would far below its according to scrap recycling price. Therefore, in price appraisal, fully consider the factors to determine the salvage value of scientific and reasonable method to calculate the price.







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